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How Many Times Have You Lost YourUmbrella?

We couldn't tell - too many. When we started asking our friends & family, we realized the problem was real. Everyone has lost at least one umbrella that they held dear.

So we set out to design and build the smartest umbrella in the world. But we didn't stop there. We wanted to create something special. Something different. And thus Kisha was born.

Kisha - Mobile App

KISHA Black Widow

Catch the looks of the crowd as you walk with your new KISHA LADIES CLASSIC BLACK WIDOW - a touch of glamour packed with the best technology and durability.

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Forgot Your UmbrellaDuring a Spring Shower?

Yes, it's happened to us all. But with Kisha, this will never happen (as romantic as it may be). Kisha mobile app is built to protect you from the rain. Anytime & anywhere.

It reminds you when you leave it behind in any public place - just listen carefully to your smartphone. But Kisha doesn't stop there. The app has a built-in weather forecast so it tells you whether to take it in the morning (or any other time of the day).

Advanced features help you create safe locations so that you don't get bothered by notifications. If you lose your Kisha and don't hear your phone, you can find it on a built-in map. Sweet & simple.

KISHA Marshmallow

Baby pink, romatic pastel frills and intense colors of candies, marking a KISHA Marshmallow collection for the true fashion addicts.

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Ms. Good-looking, meet
Mr. Quality!

Why create the smartest umbrella and not use the best possible materials? Or not add a touch of glamour? Kisha is built using a special framework that cannot be bent or broken by ordinary winds. Even if it bends during the strongest of winds we've experienced so far, its flexibility helps Kisha return to its natural state.

Add high precision & handmade stitching combined with corrosion-free materials, and you have a winner. Kisha will (probably) be the last umbrella you'll ever buy. Don't take our word for it - watch our windproof test video.

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