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After a week of (impressively accurate) precipitation warnings, I’m sold on the KISHA’S iCharms — not to mention bone-dry. Actually, the KISHA did fail once, but that was my fault. The app warned of an eight per cent chance of precipitation. So I took a gamble — and learned some harsh lessons.

This umbrella is armed with Bluetooth and a companion app, so it can alert you when you’re parted from it (or leave it on the bus). It’s location-aware, so if you place it in a designated “safe zone” such as your house, it won’t bother you. But if rain is forecast, it will then ask to be brought along.


It’s time to stop the endless cycle of forgetting your umbrella, buying a new one and then inevitably losing it. The Bluetooth-enabled KISHA umbrella connects to an app that notifies you if there’s a possibility of rain in the day’s forecast and will even send an alert if you leave the area without your umbrella in hand.


So, all hail the KISHA Umbrella. The world’s first ‘smart’ umbrella (according to the sales blurb), the KISHA not only gives you a heads up when rain is in the air, but it also provides a gentle elbow in the ribs when you leave it behind in your favourite bar or friend’s house.


However if you’re looking to never forget your umbrella again, you might be interested in the KISHA umbrella which is a smart umbrella that will try its very best not to be left behind the next time you take it out with you. This is thanks to its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying app that will remind you that you have left it behind when it goes out of range.

This smart brolly tells you if it’s going to rain today and syncs with an app on your phone to let you know if you’ve left it behind somewhere.


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