Dear Customers,

Welcome to our support page. Please use this page for any type of support questions, issues, feature requests or general inquiries. Our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Before submitting a support request, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if there is already a resolution to your case or answer to your question. Your support tickets are being tracked and you will receive a timely update to your requests. 

Help & tips:

  • Please use all of your contact information so we can track your order faster
  • Please provide as much information about your issue - this will help us resolve it faster
  • If you bought your Kisha via our website please provide your order number - you should have received it via email or SMS
  • If you bought your Kisha via one of our retailers, please provide retailer name and serial number
  • If you received your Kisha as a business gift, please provide the name of the business partner
  • If you received your Kisha as a gift, please provide serial number and/or order number and warranty info
  • If there is mechanical damage, please provide photos 
  • If there is a problem with your Bluetooth chip or App please provide information such as: device name, brand and model, app version, OS version

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