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Why KISHA Umbrellas?

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind product with world-wide recoginition
  • Great margins
  • Perfect gift for many occasions, personal or corporate


What is Kisha Umbrella?

Kisha Umbrella is a unique product that consists of an umbrella with a Bluetooth chip connected to your smartphone. It means youโ€™ll never forget your umbrella in a public place such as a restaurant, pub, meeting or a conference by constantly keeping the connection between your smartphone and your umbrella โ€œaliveโ€. Once the connection is lost, youโ€™ll get a notification on your smartphone. Kisha Umbrella is 100% windproof, 100% corrosion-free, contains 16 polyurethane ribs, has a perfect stitching and perfect opening and closing mechanism. Weโ€™d like to say that itโ€™s the last umbrella youโ€™ll ever buy.ย 



Suggested retail price of Kisha Umbrella is $99.95 / $129.95.

Android and iPhone apps come free of charge for end users. You'll get the volume discounts and special offers on each purchase, making Kisha Umbrella a great addition to your existing product portfolio.

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