About Us

It was raining...

But did you think that the story of an umbrella would start with “It was a sunny day in California...”?

It was raining, seriously. For almost 2 weeks in a row. And the story started with a Facebook post. One of us said: With all this rain, we need to build an umbrella brand. And another one said: Yes, but with a twist - you should never be able to lose it. It should be tied to your smartphone and let you know when you've forgotten it.


We knew we were onto something good when we made the first blueprints and all of our friends and colleagues got excited about our new product and venture.

But that was just the beginning. The technology for tracking items with your smartphone is still developing - but luckily, it’s stable and working. We didn’t stop there. We are perfectionists by nature and we didn’t want to put this marvel on top of a poorly crafted umbrella. We wanted something you’d buy once and have for a lifetime.

And here it is. The 100% windproof, 100% corrosion-proof Kisha Umbrella with perfect stitching, flexible and strong wires, and an opening and closing mechanism that you’ll want to use over and over again.

But the story isn’t quite finished yet. Did you know that there are almost 30 million umbrellas sold in the U.S. alone? Each year? Don’t you think that we should build things that last, not things you throw in the trash? We think so - that’s why we want your Kisha Umbrella to be the last one you’ll ever need.

Having lived in some of the rainiest cities in the world - London, Vancouver, Rijeka and Milan, we know how useful a solid umbrella can be - and how sad you can get when you lose a good one.

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